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Entrepreneurship and startup funding opportunities -11/07/18

Date: 11th July 2018

Speaker: Dr. Anil Wali,
Managing Director,
FIIT, IIT, Delhi.

Attended by: Teaching staff and M Pharm students

Co-ordinated By: Pharma Department,H K College of Pharmacy.

Venue: Board Room, Third floor

A seminar on Entrepreneurship and start-up funding opportunities was organized by H K College of Pharmacy for the post graduate students and the faculty members. The aim of this programme was to educate the students and faculty members regarding the prospects of building a start-up and the funding bodies which would provide financial assistance for the same. Dr Anil Wali emphasized the crucial role of academia in the development of start-up by giving many examples of renowned companies, of various fields, which originated from research work carried out in academic set up by professors. The importance of innovations and the potential they offer to creating opportunities for entrepreneurs was highlighted. The nature of financial assistance that could be made available by FIIT was discussed and the process of application and scrutiny of various project applications was summarized. He listed other grant schemes which provide financial assistance to start ups and the selection criteria therein. The significance of collaboration with industries was highlighted. Further, how these collaborations would help in improving the prospects of getting a grant was discussed. The implications of developing a robust proof of concept for applying to various grant schemes was discussed. The seminar helped in building confidence in the students as well as the faculty members and in developing an inclination towards entrepreneurship. The array of grant schemes discussed gave a ray of hope for channelizing research in the direction of entrepreneurship.

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