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    E -Poster presentation: The Cell

    E poster presentation was conducted by the department of Pharmacology on 4th October 2023. The event comprised of students where they prepared the e poster on The cell in a groups of 5-6 students. The activity co- ordinator Ms. Nikhat Khan discussed the details of the presentation beforehand. The students presented the posters as a part of their tutorial session. The e posters were evaluated on the basis of the content, delivery, confidence of the speaker and ability to answer the questions. The best posters were highlighted on social media and displayed in the anatomy laboratory


    The Pharmacology department of HKCP organized a hands-on workshop on tissue handling
    and processing for the students of TY B pharm on 01-02-2023. The training comprised of
    tissue handling and mounting, prerequisites for tissue experiments, mounting of tissue and
    measurement of dose response curve. The experiment conducted was expected to be
    virtually and theoretically as part of the PCI syllabus. The efforts were taken to conduct the
    experiment and train the students physically with live tissue instead of using simulated
    models. The activity turned out to be very successfully accomplished. The students were
    able to handle the tissue and the same according to the instructions. The feedback of the
    students was very positive when inquired about the same during the practical.


    The Department of Pharmacology organized a Meme making competition for FY B Pharm students on 26th June 2023. Ms. Nikhat Khan and Dr. Pai released a brochure prior to the date of competition and instructed students about the requirements of the event. Students participated in large numbers and presented their piece of innovation. The students were instructed to upload the meme on google classrooms. Students were given certificates of participation and winning.

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